Due to a depleted talent roster, WWE was forced to shuffle things up a bit during their recent three-event tour of Abu Dhabi this weekend. The following is a breakdown of things you wouldn’t necessarily have seen if the company had a more complete roster to tour with.

-WWE used Hall Of Famer Booker T as a special guest referee for the Randy Orton vs. Daniel Bryan main event matches.

-Big Show, who was “fired” in storylines on last Monday’s WWE RAW show, was included on the tour. The explanation given to fans in attendance was that Big Show was given a “one night contract” to compete against The Shield.

-WWE NXT wrestlers Bo Dallas and Sami Zayn worked in matches on all of the shows this weekend. However, both guys have been included in several recent non-televised live events.

-WWE RAW General Manager Brad Maddox, who is not typically used to wrestle, worked on the undercards in actual matches this weekend.

For those interested, we have results of every WWE live event from this weekend up on the site right now.