ESPN Affiliate ‘Exposes’ Ric Flair, J.R. Speaks On Matt Hardy

— A blog affiliated with ESPN,, has published an expose on Ric Flair, complete with allegations from his ex-wives. The piece compares flair to Mickey Rourke’s character in “The Wrestler”, an aging wrestling who continues to compete for money and fame despite his age and poor health.

The articles goes in detail on Flair’s personal struggles, financial issues, and marital issues. The article states that despite having alcoholic cardiomyopathy (a heart problem) he continues to perform for TNA, to pay off old debts to lawyers, ex-wives, the IRS, former business partners and “anyone who made the mistake of lending him money.”

The article drills in their point by citing Flair’s eviction from his home in Charlotte, North Carolina due to not paying his rent.

— Jim Ross recently updated his blog with the following statement on Matt Hardy and his recent personal issues:

“What are my thoughts on the controversy surrounding Matt Hardy? (Been asked this one a ton the past couple of days.) We brought Matt and Jeff to the WWE and they had some amazing outings over the years as many remember. They were, generally, excellent to work with and I like them a great deal on a personal basis. However, I am not in touch with either, only know what I read about them, and can only hope that whatever issues they may have or have had are put behind them much sooner than later. I wish them only good health and happiness.”