The following are highlights of an “Against The Mat” interview with former WWE trainer Tom Prichard:

On who he felt had the best in-ring performance of 2013: “I like thinking about the newcomers, I like thinking about the guys who come from developmental, so I really have to say that for me personally, I’m gonna go with a Dean Ambrose vote just for the fact that I’m partial and I’m prejudice and all those things combined, so as far as seeing what he can do as a team, yes, but standing out on his own and having him win the United States Championship out of that team, or out of that crew, The Shield first was a major accomplishment for him and I think there’s more to come, definitely from Dean Ambrose.”

On who to watch out for in 2014: “I have my eye on Big E. Langston. Again, for personal and biased reasons. I had the advantage of seeing Big E. from the very beginning, his first tryout and watched him progress from there. I think we’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg.”

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