Hernandez Says TNA Blatantly Lied To Him, Doesn’t Know Why He’s Not With Them

The following are highlights of a new Between The Ropes interview with Hernandez:

On why he is no longer with TNA Wrestling with his contract expiring in May: “Maybe you can tell me. I’ll be very honest with you. The last time I was on TNA was November when I had that Feast or Fired match and believe it or not, that is the last time I’ve spoken to anyone in the office. And I’m not even joking. I would send those 365 videos to (Jeremy) Borash every now and then I would get Bob Ryder approval for my indy dates and that’s it. I did not hear anything from anybody since I saw them in Orlando in November.”

On how strange that was: “To be honest, I knew I was still a part of the roster and my check came every month. Periodically I would check the Impact website to see if I was still on there. (laughs) It was definitely a head scratcher right there. Not an email. text, phone call … nothing. In fact, my contract was up May 12th but I thought it was up May 14th. So I woke up May 12th and my timeline was flooded on Twitter that my contract had expired. I looked at my contract and I looked on the (TNA) website and they pulled me off the website, they already unfollowed me on Twitter. (laughs) It was like bizarro world, brother.”

On how difficult it was for him after returning to TNA Wrestling after working in Mexico for nine months and being promised a singles push but instead being paired with Anarquia in Mexican America: “It was very difficult for me because you were blatantly lied to. This wasn’t no miscommunication. I don’t go down to Mexico for nine months of my life and it’s a miscommunication that I’m coming back to a tag deal. When I left, I was a tag champion with Matt Morgan. So, there’s no miscommunication there at all about ‘oh, you’re going to do down there and come back as a tag’. There was no miscommunication, at least on my part. So, of course, there was a lot of animosity on what was going down.”

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