Impact Draws Highest Rating In History Of Thursday Night Show

Thursday night’s episode of Impact Wrestling drew a 1.35 cable rating, up from last week’s 1.05 rating. The show had an average of 2.0 million viewers for it’s two hours. This is the most-viewed episode of Impact ever on a Thursday night.

Here’s a quarter-hour-by-quarter-hour breakdown of the show’s ratings:

Q1: 1.38 rating – Sting and Dixie Carter speak in the ring

Q2: 1.38 rating – Sting and Dixie Carter in the ring, Kurt Angle and Beer Money segment

Q3: 1.32 rating – Sting sets up the main event, Immortal confronts Hogan backstage

Q4: 1.42 rating – Knockouts tag match, Jeff and Karen Jarrett call out Jeff Hardy

Q5: 1.38 rating – Jarrett-Hardy brawl, Hogan-Sting video, Angle speaks backstage, Eric Young tells Robbie E and Rob Terry that Ronnie from Jersey Shore is coming in, Gunner calls out Abyss

Q6: 1.30 rating – Abyss vs. Gunner, Velvet Sky backstage, Gunner backstage, Velvet, Karen Jarrett, and Traci Brooks in-ring segment

Q7: 1.34 rating – Knockouts continuation, Immortal and Hulk Hogan segment with Sting and Garrett Bischoff

Q8: 1.29 rating – Beer Money backstage, James Storm beats Kurt Angle for the TNA Title