Jim Ross recently commented on WrestleMania, and if he will be appearing on the show or not. Here is what he had to say… “I have not been informed that I will have any role @ WM27 other than my 3 Axxess appearances.”

Ross also gave his thoughts on last night’s episode of RAW — specifically the segment with Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler. Here’s what the best play-by-play man in the business had to say:

“I was very uncomfortable with Cole invoking Jerry’s late mom into Cole’s presentation. He didn’t have to go there. Getting ‘knocked’ by the Raw annoucners monday night was like a junior high kid knocking the varsity. It doesn’t matter. Cole is like a yapping dog. One just tunes it out. Thought the ‘Presidents/THQ’ line was funny…not original but funny.”

Regarding the rest of the show, JR wrote: “I thought Cena’s response to Rock was one of the best Cena promos in ages. Really enjoyed it.”