Event: WWE Monday Night RAW
Airdate: Monday, October 3rd, 2011 (USA Network)
Location: The Cajundome in Lafayette, Louisiana
Results by Colin Rinehart of 411

“Yes, sir, we promised you a great main event…”

Lawler is still recovering in case you were wondering and we are starting the show with Randy Orton! He’s ready for action, it appears as we’re getting a match between him and Drew McIntyre who doesn’t even get an entrance and is already in the ring. hahaha. Poor guy.

Match 1: Randy Orton vs. Drew McIntyre
Lockup to start! Drew sends Orton to the corner but he fights out of it and we get some grappling until the ref breaks it up. Drew hits a right then sends Orton to the corner, but Orton comes flying back with a clothesline and kicks Drew while he’s down. We get a shin scrape to the face of Drew then a European uppercut and a dropkick, sending Drew to the outside! Orton slithers out and sends Drew to the barricade! Drew sends him to the opposite side into the barricade again! Orton sends Drew into the ring and follows. He sends Drew to the corner and we get the mounted punches. The crowd counts along to 10. Orton drops back down to the mat and Drew hits a large Big boot (redundant?_ to the face of Orton. He mounts Orton and hits some rights. He starts stomping Orton a bit then picks him up for a suplex. Snap suplex and a pin for 2. Drew chokes Orton up on the middle rope as the ref counts it away. Orton is gettin all angry face and he fights back with some rights, sends Drew to the corner and we get a Right, Uppercut, Right combo then some other rights and Orton sends Drew to the opposite corner. Orton goes for a press but Drew hits a kick and pins for two. Drew with an armbar and scrapes his forearm against Orton’s face. Nice touch. Orton uses the crowd to fight out of the hold and hits some headbutts onto Drew, but Drew hits a neckbreaker! Pin for the 1…2..NO!!! Drew with rights then Drew stomps onto Orton’s face. Drew goes op top and goes for a body press but Orton shoots his feet up and Drew runs right into it! Drew with some clotheslines, powerslam and he goes for the rope assisted DDT. It appears that Orton’s voices are chattin it up…RKO! Pin for the 1…2…3!!!
Winner: Randy Orton (***)
Even the with ending not at all in question, they put together a damned good match. Drew has the talent, they just don’t use it. Nice to see him on the show even if he got the jobber entrance. It’s very telling, however, how much offense he was allowed to get in. Good match to start.

We’re not done, it appears as he hits another RKO onto Drew. As Orton poses to the crowd, Mark Henry and his belt that doesn’t fit walks out! Henry and Orton stare at each other like one of them owes the other money. Henry holds up the belt, taunting Orton but Orton ain’t having it. He hops out of the ring and he and Henry trade blows. Henry with a headbutt till Security and Johnny, last name Ace, comes down to break it up. Henry breaks away from securtity and attacks so all of the security hold Henry back, leaving Orton alone. Orton goes after Henry again. Security gets him back and Orton puts his hands in the air, telling them he’s done. I’ve been in enough ghetto nightclubs to know that this doesn’t mean shit and of course, Orton runs over to Henry and sends his ass over the barricade!!

Back from the break, Henry is in the ring with his belt and his mean mug. We get a Mark Henry promo that shows just how beastily the man is. We are also informed that Big Show is returning and he wants the skin of Mark Henry to wear as briefs! Oh dear…John Morrison’s music hits. This ain’t gonna be pretty…

Match 2: John Morrison vs. Mark Henry
Morrison looks a bit apprehensive, and rightfully so. Morrison goes behind and starts with some rights and kicks but to no avail. Henry with a back elbow and knocks Morrison down. He tosses Morrison to the corner then hits some rights and a toss, but Morrison lands on his feet…sweet! Too bad, Henry knocks him back on his ass then toys with Morrison a bit before hitting a hard forearm to the back. Henry tosses Morrison behind him after a bench press but Morrison lands on his feet. Some nice offense from Morrison before hitting a running knee! Ah! He’s on FIYAH!! He sends him closer to the corner and goes up top. Starship Pain! 1…2…NO!!!! Henry is up and he’s pissed. A Big Boot followed by the World’s Strongest Slam and the 1…2….3!!!!
Winner: Mark Henry (**)
Short and sweet! Raise your hand if you thought maybe Morrison was gonna get the win?….haha, yeah, me either. Extremely short, but well done, I think. Morrison continues to show his agility and surprising counters, but for whatever reason the WWE isn’t behind the guy. Sorry, Morrison.

Henry isn’t done, he goes for another World’s Strongest Slam…didn’t Orton just do this to Drew? Henry with the mic, he tells Morrison that now he knows what it’s like to be in the ring with a beast! Orton knows. He defended his belt and now Orton, if he’s listening, he’s done with him. Henry just saw that Big Show is coming back on Friday. He claims that he ain’t hard to find, so if someone is lookin for him, he’s the big mofo with the belt, y’all! He says that Big Show’s return will be the shortest return in WWE History.

In the back, Ace is with Swagger, Ziggler, Otunga, Christian and Del Rio (one of these guys really doesn’t belong here…). Ace wants to know if Otunga had anything to do with last night. Otunga says no and wants to know what Trips is going to do about their grievances. Vickie says they are taking their issues to the public and all walk away as Johnny Ace texts me…apparently, he thought The Dark Knight was the tits. Thanks, Ace, but I already know.

I appreciate Just Joe’s continued efforts, thanks for coming back this week! In the ring, we’ve got Christian, Swagger, Dolph, Cody and Otunga, sans bow. Del Rio’s music hits and he comes out with the belt and a scowl. No car and no Ricardo. Del Rio on the stick! Last night, he became the new WWE Champion. He got rid of Cena and beat Punk, but he couldn’t celebrate his victory due to two people who are supposed to be fired jumped the rail, entered the cell and physically attacked him. That happened because of Trips. The moment he became victorious, magically the Cell was raised, allowing Cena and “those Hooligans” to come back in. Then again, magically, the cell was lowered. Only one man has the power to make that decision and that’s Triple H. He calls Trips a pig in Spanish then asks what kind of animal he is…well, Del Rio…he’s a pig, as you just said.

Christian has the mic now and he says that RAW is now an unsafe place to work. He says that he is no longer going to take it and he feels that no one in this ring will take it anymore. Rhodes with the mic! He says this is no conspiracy, this is a fact. Everyone in this ring has been a victim of H’s reckless and negligent actions. And why? Because of someone’s enormous ego! Dolph claims that he has been unsupervised long enough and they are all going to take action into their own hands. Swagger thanks Triple H for his friends and family being so concerned every Monday night. Vickie claims that as a woman, she feels especially vulnerable…damn, the crowd does NOT like Vickie. Awesome. Otunga claims that when he was a law student, he studied cases specific to this situation. There are only two options here, keep working and risk their livelihood or band together collectively and contemplate legal action.

IT’S ALL ABOUT THE GAME!! Trips is out! He wants to know what happened to the WWE? It used to be a time where men stood in the ring and fought. MEN! It didn’t matter if they were beat up, screwed over, jumped, they picked themselves up and they fought. They didn’t whine and cry like a bunch of little kids, didn’t threaten lawsuits, they fought…like MEN. Triple H doesn’t give a damn about Miz and Truth’s lawsuit, he doesn’t care about their lawsuit. What he does care about is that later tonight in their 12 man tag team match against the faces, he wants no whining or threats, he wants to stand in the ring and do what all these people pay them to do…and that is, Shut up and Fight! He walks to the back and that’s it. Michael Cole says, “What was accomplished there?!” And perhaps for once in the last few years, I have to agree…

The WWE Slam of the Week is a recap of Beth’s win from last night and the subsequent beat down of Kelly.

Match 3: Kelly Kelly and Eve vs. Beth Phoenix and Natalya
Kelly and Beth to start. Belly with a kick to Kelly’s gut then she just tosses Kelly to the outside. Kelly tosses Beth to the announce table and starts banging her head to the table. Kelly with the rights! Natalya goes for the attack, but Eve attacks her before she can stop it! Kelly is on a rampage! She tosses Beth to the table numerous times as the ref tries to stop it. Kelly screams she doesn’t care! Eve starts trying to hold Kelly back as she’s acting like Beth killed her puppy. Girl got some lungs….
Winner: Beth Phoenix and Natalya via DQ (*)
Interesting turn of events here as Kelly went ape shit. It appears that the title meant quite a bit to her. I still can’t by little Kelly handling Beth like that, but I’m interested to see what happens here….vaguely

Triple H is in the back on the phone. Ace walks in and apologizes for kicking Miz and Truth out. He tells Triple H that he knows Trips probably blames him, but he’s been thinking and he wouldn’t mind an apology back because last night, Triple H knocked Ace down as well. He thinks that Triple H needs to be a man and must ask the “talent” for a vote of confidence. Ace thinks Triple H should ask the talent how he is doing. He thinks Triple H is afraid. HHH puls the tie of Johnny and gets face to face. He says that he is afraid that they that is closest to him is undermining him and if he wants it, he gets everyone to the ring and he’ll be out there, but Johnny better be there too.

Jinder Mahal is in the middle of the ring. He does a promo in his native tongue and Santino’s music hits!!! His cobra is with him! He looks like he hasn’t cut his hair in some time. He’s got the mic, woo hoo! He mocks Jinder by speaking gibberish. It’s hilarious! It appears that they are to have a match.

Match 4: Santino Marella vs. Jinder Mahal
Jinder with a kick then he hits some hard knees to Santino. Jinder sends Santino to the corner and goes for a running Knee, but Santino moves. He calls for the Cobra…bam! Hits it and he pins 1…2…3!!!
Winner: Santino Marella (1/2*)
Well…welcome back, Santino.

Brodus Clay gets a promo spot. Hopefully this means no more squash matches on Superstars…buuuut I doubt it.

The announcers take us back to tomorrow night as it appears we missed some footage. They show Cena entering the cell as well as The Miz and R-Truth going cray-cray on everyone. For those that missed it, the Cell is lowered and Miz and Truth are going crazy with the attack on the refs, Cena, Del Rio, and Punk, the camera man!! The locker room poured out to try and get in, but the cage won’t go up! Even Teddy Long is out there shaking the cage! Finally, a man with bolt cutters runs down and opens the cage as Miz and Truth get on their knees with their hands behind their backs. In a nice bit of storytelling, the police prevent any superstars from entering and arrest Miz and Truth. While being escorted out, Triple H attacks Truth and The miz, he even pushed down Johnny Ace until security takes him back.

We then get a “homemade” video from Miz and Truth that was posted on YouTube last night. It’s an apology from both men. They are sorry that it all had to come to this but all they want is their jobs back. They had to make a statement. This was exactly what Triple H would have done if put in his situation. As soon as the statement was made, they surrendered and were attacked by Triple H, defenselessly. They were attacked by the COO. They have since taken the advice of their attornies and have filed a lawsuit against both the WWE and Triple H. Bottom line is, they are sorry to the WWE Universe.

Match 5: CM Punk, John Cena, Evan Bourne, Kofi Kingston, Sheamus and Mason Ryan vs. Dolph Ziggler, Cody Rhodes, David Otunga, Jack Swagger, Christian and Alberto Del Rio
Christian and Cena to start. Cena with some rights and a back body drop. Christian tags in Otunga and Cena hits some rights on him, then sends him to the corner. Shoulderblock then a clothesline. He goes for the pin but Cena tags in Dolph. Cena opts to tag in Mason. Dolph starts fingerpointing then slaps the beast. Ryan turns into Batista and hits a clothesline, cheap shots Swagger then benches Dolph and sends him over the ropes onto Swagger! Del RIo gets back in the ring and attacks Mason from behind. Ryan hits a standing powerslam though and covers for 1…2..NO! Sheamus tags himself in and goes for a slap, but Dolph slips out of it and tags in Swagger. Swagger with a go behind and hits some rights to the back then attacks Sheamus into the corner. Sheamus fights back with some hard blows to the back and sends Swagger to the corner himself! Sheamus sends Swagger to the opposite corner and runs into a back elbow. Swagger takes out the knee and attacks the neck of Sheamus. Whip, reversed, and Swagger kicks but Sheamus with the back breaker and a pin for 1…2..Kick out!! Sheamus tags in Punk and he double chops the shoulders of Swagger then we get a body slap and Punk goes up top as the crowd cheers. Swagger tags in Rhodes, though, so Punk hops off the top turnbuckle.

Lock up turns into a side headlock and a snapmare into another headlock. Both men up and takes Cody to the corner but Cody with some hard kicks and a right or two. He hits Punk right in the forehead then works the arm, sends Punk to the lfoor and we’ve got a nice submission that’s shortlived due to Punk hitting an Irish whip and a leg lariat! He gets the knee to the face and bulldog combo then sets up for the G2S. Everyone then gets in the ring and the one ref has the super powers to hold all 12 men back….

We are back and Kofi and Rhodes are in the ring. Kofi misses a crossbody from the top rope and Rhodes hits the Beautiful Disaster (that’s what his enziguri is called, right?). Del Rio is tagged in now and Del Rio hits a snapmore then a dropkick to the back of the head of Kofi and a pin for 2. He brings Kofi to the corner and Christian tags himself in. Christian with a hard right, sending Kofi to the floor. Kofi fights out of it but it’s shortlibed as Christian hits a neckbreaker and pins for 1…2..No dice! Christian tries to lock in a chin lock but Kofi is gripping the leg. Christian presses him down and places the knee on the back but Kofi is able to fight out of it! Christian distracts the face team which distracts the ref which allows Cody to hita few kicks. Swagger is in without tagging but the ref allows itt. Swagger tags Dolph and Ziggler hits a nice dropkick and a pin 1…2..No wammy! Ziggler with a wristlock then a half nelson which Kofi nearly breaks out of it till Ziggler slams Kofi down and locks in an armbar near the ropes. Cody tags and he’s in! Cody sends Kofi to the outside near the announce table and Swagger gets in a cheap shot!

Cody to the outside and whips Kofi but it’s reversed and Kofi goes side first into the barricade! Both men in the ring and Christian gets the tag. Kofi goes for the tag but Christian grabs the leg and pulls him in. Again, he baits the face team and the reg stops the faces allowing Ziggler to attack again. Christian tags Swagger who tags Dolph. Dolph is perfection, by the way. Ziggler with an elbow drop but he misses!! Kofi goes for the tag but Dolph ain’t having it!! He sends Kofi to the corner as Otunga tags in! Otunga with a body slam and an elbow drop. He pins 1…2..NO Salami! He tags Ziggler back in and Ziggler hits a hard right to the gut then the face. Ziggler and Kofi both hit the ropes and they collide in the ring with crossbody’s!!!! Bourne tags in and so does Swagger! Bourne is a HOWSE! EN! FUEGO!!! Some kicks and punches then a hard flying knee and a knee right to the chin of Swagger! Bourne is up for the Shooting Star Press! He pins, but Vickie is there to put the foot of Swagger onto the ropes! The ref ejects Vickie and she’s goin crazy, refusing to leave! Her yelling is atrocious! I love it!

We are back, again! Dolph and Bourne are in the ring! Dolph tags in Christian who kicks Bourne in the throat the slaps the Kofi outta him! Christian with the whole “Imma step on your back, foo” move! He flies over the ropes and hits an uppercut, goes inside and pins for two! Chrsitian with a front faced headlock then gets a tag from Del Rio. Del Rio with a whip and hits a twilt a whirl backbreaker and a pin 1…2…NO Mo, No Mo, No Mo! Del RIo sends Bourne to the ropes and runs right into a boot and a sweet looking DDT!!! The crowd is hot and so are my little brothers!!! Cena is in! Del Rio is still in! Cena with some shoulder blocks! Proto-Bomb! You Can’t See Him and a five knuckle Shuffle! He sets up for the Attitude Adjustment but Del Rio with the cross arm breaker! Cena is in the heel corner and Swagger is tagged in. He gives some stomps then tags in Cena. Dolph laughable stomps from the outside as the ref is distracted! Cody tags in Christian and he continues to work the arm. Great tagging by the heel team. Christian tags in Del Rio and he gives a boot to the face of Cena. Del RIo with a kick to the gut and a pin for 2! Del Rio with a chin lock from behind. It’s short as he tags in Swagger. Swagger attacks the midsection then sends Cena to the corner as he hits the ropes and hits a Swagger bomb. Swagger with a hard right then again sends him to the opposite side and calls for another Swagger bomb. Cena moves!!

Tag to Dolph and Sheamus! Sheamus with some axe handles! And we get a powerslam then a clothesline and a big knee by Sheamus! Sheamus goes up top and Christian tries to stop him, but Sheamus kicks him away. Del Rio is there to push him off though and Ziggler with the Fame-Asser! Christian is in and Spears Sheamus! Then Rhodes is in with the knees to Christian! Rhodes goes in and we get a Dream Street then Mason comes in for a bench press, however Swagger and Cody send him to the outside. MAYHEM I TELLS YA!!!! Kofi with a flying cross body onto both of them, but….there’s Del Rio sending Kofi to the outside! Punk hits the GTS on Del Rio but Otunga is there to drop Punk with a neckbreaker! In comes Ziggler hits the Zig Zag on Cena after Cena hits the AA onto Otunga! Sheamus is there to hit a Brogue Kick onto Ziggler and pins for the 1….2…3!!!!
Winners: John Cena, Sheamus, CM Punk, Kofi Kingston, Evan Bourne, and Mason Ryan vs. Alberto Del Rio, Christian, Dolph Ziggler, Jack Swagger, Cody Rhodes and David Otunga (****1/2)
Man this was a hell of a lot of fun! Everyone played their roles perfectly and they were given a lot of time to look great! For once, Cena didn’t look like SuperCena and Sheamus got a great looking win!

We’re baaaack as the RAW music hits and all the RAW Heels come out, starting with our champion, Del Rio. Smackdown’s Music hits and some of Smackdown’s Stars come out. The Divas music hits and out comes the ladies. Lucky for us, The Bellas are wearing the same black outfits from Superstars. The refs are last to come out, then Smackdown’s music hits again and the rest of SD’s roster comes out…that was weird. RAW music hits again and we get the rest of the roster…weird. Then Jerry Lawler’s music hits and he comes out. Alright….we then get a break.

Triple H’s music hits and he makes his way to go into the middle of the ring. He’s got his mic and says that tonight, the superstars are going to get the opportunity to speak on his job and how he’s doing. Before we begin, he wants to say that this job is a bit more difficult than he thought it to be. This is not a job he asked for, it was given to him. Miz and Truth want to call him a hypocrite for doing things that he would have done then want to apologize for getting a lawyer. They should be apologizing for being little babies. He is upset with their inability to accept the punishment. He admits, he is a bit old school and he likes watching people beat the hell out of each other. He enjoys confrontation, enjoys the battle and the chaos that is Monday Night RAW. He would bet his life on the fact that the WWE Universe enjoys it as well. At the end of the day, fellas, ladies, alternates…isn’t that really who they work for? For us? Isn’t it us who truly signs all of their paychecks? Someone almost interrupts but Trips cuts him off and says it’s his job to make sure we have the best show for all of the fans. Every Monday night he works his ass off for all the fans. Well thanks, bud! So he’s curious, who’s got an opinion?

Barrett! He has been selected to speak on some legitamate grievances as of late. Trips, he believes that the working environment is quite unsafe and he speaks for everyone around the ring that the reason he came to the WWE is because we’re all competitors, professionals and like to adhere to certain rules and regulations which do not include being attacked by outside individuals. They shouldn’t be subjected to an unsafe working environment purely because Trips is uncapable of handling his talent. Wade says Triple H just admitted that he enjoys chaos and he is the reason behind it all.

Triple H introduces Barrett to the crowd and brings up the beating that Nexus did to try and shut the show down. Triple H guesses what he is saying is that the only reason that he has a problem with all the chaos is because Barrett is not the one causing it. Anyone else got something to say?

Chioda is on the mic. As an official that he likes to consider Trips a friend, he has never seen this much abuse on the refs who are supposed to be unbiased officials, who are not superstars. How is he supposed to get any respect from the Superstars?

Triple H says he fired the guys that attacked him. Chioda brings up Rodriguez and how he attacked Patton. He says in 23 years of his career, he’s afraid to come to work. Beth on the stick and she says that the Bedlam among RAW has lead all the Divas to fear that something intentional or unintentional may happen. Trips wants one thing to be mentioned. Beth says, it “could” happen….

King is in the ring with the mic. He isn’t speaking for anyone but himself. He’s heard everything that has been said, he agrees with some and some he totally disagrees with. One thing he agrees with is that this show is spiraling out of control. RAW is becoming hostile. The part that he doesn’t agree with, though, is that it’s Triple H’s fault. He doesn’t think it’s Trip’s fault at all. It’s exactly what Punk said it is. There is someone behind the strings trying to sabotage Triple H’s spot. The only problem is that everyone around the ring including him are paying the price. King says that someone doesn’t want Triple H running the company. As long as he is running the company, things are only going to get worse so whether we like it or not, Triple H is the reason this is all happening.

Christian then says we should vote, right now. On behalf of he and all of his collegues, they vote…NO Confidence. The refs say nope. The Divas say nope. King says it, too. King always heard that actions speak louder than words .He doesn’t know what anyone else is doing but King is walking out…and Triple H didn’t even have to fire his girlfriend!! The entire roster follows King to the back. The crowd is firmly behind Triple H, but the roster most definitely is not. There is one small group on the outside of the ring that stays there. Michael Cole grabs a folder and also walks out on the crowd….good riddance, yo! The small group of Morrison, Kofi, Ryder, A-Ry, Santino, Percy an a few others finally leave…then Booker T. But what about JIM ROSS!!!! In a somewhat funny but nice moment, we see the camera’s drop as it appears they are leaving also. Triple H looks at JR who is still in his seat. JR stands, takes off his headset……and takes the walk as well.

But wait! Johnny Ace is at the top of the ramp just to walk back to the back….well alright.