Mugshot: Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart Arrested

Jim Neidhart was arrested yesterday at the Hilsborough County Court in Florida for contempt of court. Neidhart was in a hearing for previous theft and possession of a controlled substance charges that were brought against him in 2010. Neidhart was taken into custody and at this time, is still incarcerated. Neidhart doesn’t have any bond set yet or a release date.

Neidhart was arrested on Labor day back in 2010 in Thonotosassa, Florida after deputies were alerted to him being loud and yelling as he attempted to open a pill bottle while pumping gas. Neidhart started to argue with authorities, which led to them searching him and them finding 28 methodone tablets and 95 oxycotin pills.

Police also found numerous pill bottles in Neidhart’s possession belonged to a neighbor who had recently reported them stolen. Due to the neighbor stating that she knew neidhart, but had not given him permission to take their prescription medication and her back door had been recently forced open, Neidhart was charged with the following: burglary of an unoccupied dwelling, grant theft (third degree – $300-$3,000), trafficking in illegal drugs (Methadone), possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute (Methodone), trafficking in illegal drugs (oxycotin) and possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute (Oxycontin

While this is not confirmed yet, the Hillsborough County Sheriff website indicates that Judge Espinosa sentenced Neidhart to 5 months and 29 days for the First Degree Theft and Possession of Controlled Substance charges. No word yet if the jail sentence was suspended or if Neidhart must do the full 5 months and 29 days. We hope to have an official update soon.