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Ric Flair’s Age, TNA Getting Media Coverage, More

TNA's latest celeb stunts pay off before they even happen; Fans pissed at Dixie Carter.

TNA’s Stance On Jeff Hardy’s Drug Case, & More

Plus: News on ODB's return & Angelina from Jersey Shore

Hulk Hogan Didn’t Like The Rock’s Return Promo

The Hulkster dissects The Rock's words for Cena.

Breaking: New York Jets Player Signs Deal With TNA

After his post-game interview went viral on the 'net, Bart Scott will appear on TNA iMPACT.

Spoiler: Tonight’s Major Surprise On iMPACT Revealed

Find out what TNA's "major surprise" is.

Ric Flair’s TNA Status, Al Snow Speaks On TNA, More

Al Snow gives his thoughts on "smart marks".

Backstage Heat On The Pope, Tara/Trish Stratus, More

Guess what -- Even more backstage trouble in TNA.

TNA Hyping “Most Shocking Surprise Of The Year” This Week

TNA "guarantees" a huge surprise.

TNA Workers Pissed At Mickie James Over Twitter Comments

Plus: Where the hell has Desmond Wolfe been?

New TNA Knockout Already Has Backstage Heat

Isis The Amazon has "terrible" tryout match. Plus: News on Crimson, & more.

Hogan Backstage At iMPACT, Heat On Generation Me

Member of Generation Me takes a shot at The Rock.

Last Week’s TNA iMPACT Rating Is In

Ratings drop after two strong weeks in a row.

Backstage Heat On Matt Hardy Over Ratings Comments

One half of The Hardy Boys in hot water with the locker room.

The Latest On Sting & TNA Negotiations

Get the scoop on The Icon's TNA status.

TNA Looking To Focus On Younger Talent

Backstage news on Dixie Carter & her plans.

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