On Monday’s RAW, “Sin Cara” returned and scored an upset win over former World Heavyweight champion Alberto Del Rio. Some fans may have noticed that Sin Cara was sporting a new sleeve tattoo. The man formerly known as Mistico (Luis Ignascio Urive Alvirde) did not get a new tattoo – it was actually WWE superstar Hunico who wrestled as Sin Cara on RAW.

Here’s a photo of Hunico as Sin Cara from RAW:

According to F4wonline.com, the original Sin Cara (formerly Mistico) is expected to be released when his contract expires. His character is considered by most to be a huge flop, due to his sloppy ring work and multiple injuries.

In a pretty funny social media ‘botch’ – the official Twitter account of Sin Cara “checked in” at a restaurant located in Mexico – while “Sin Cara” was wrestling on RAW –


Over the weekend, it was reported that a Rey Mysterio vs. Sin Cara match is being considered for WrestleMania XXX. If the match does take place, it very well could be Hunico getting the WrestleMania payday.