– The 10th annual Ringsidefest is set for October 26th in New York City at Caroline’s on Broadway, with Daniel Bryan, AJ Lee, Rob Van Dam and Kaitlyn all scheduled to appear. For more details, visit Ringsidefest.com.

– WWE executive Stephanie McMahon will return to her alma matter of Boston University later this month to deliver a “master class” lecture titled “The Business of Branding: Being Your Own Brand.” This will take place on Thursday, October 24th at 4 PM.

– Mick Foley posted his own list of the Top 10 Former Wrestlers on his Facebook, with Chris Nowinsky coming in at #1. Foley wrote:

1) CHRIS NOWINSKI – Yes, this is going to seem like an odd choice at #1 for many, given his relatively short in-ring career, but the work Chris has done with Boston University’s CENTER FOR THE STUDY OF TRAUMATIC ENCEPHALOPATHY has been of incalculable benefit to countless lives.”