TNA Impact Wrestling Preview For Tonight

Here’s a preview for tonight’s episode of Impact Wrestling, TNA’s first TV taping back in the United States after the European tour:

– Aftermath from TNA Lockdown. Abyss helped Magnus retain the TNA World Heavyweight championship against Samoa Joe. How will Joe react to Abyss costing him the match and beating him down?

– MVP is in full control of wrestling operations in TNA and IMPACT after Team MVP defeated Team Dixie in the Lethal Lockdown match – after an unexpected assist by Bully Ray in helping MVP get the win. How will Bully Ray explain his actions and what will MVP do while in charge of TNA?

– TNA is also teasing the latest from Willow, Jeff Hardy’s ‘bizarre’ new character.

– Rockstar Spud will host a special Thank You Dixie tribute on Thursday’s broadcast after she lost control of the company at Lockdown.

– What’s next for Bobby Lashley after returning at Lockdown?

– After his debut at Lockdown, the bizarre masked superstar Willow will appear on Thursday’s LIVE IMPACT on SpikeTV!

– The Impact TV debuts of X Division champion Senada, Tigre Uno, and new Knockout Brittany.