Vince’s Love-Hate Relationship With Divas, Using Michael Cole

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that Vince McMahon has seemed to have developed a love-hate relationship with the WWE Divas. The mentality is that both RAW and SmackDown need to have one segment with the Divas. Vince is convinced that a Divas segment is needed because it draws a certain demographic. However, when the Divas segments and matches are going on, Vince says they are a waste of time. This is part of the reason he has Michael Cole act the way he does when the Divas are out.

As you can imagine, Michael Cole is being fed “line after line” from Vince McMahon during RAW on the headsets. It is said that Vince is constantly in the ear of Cole during the TV tapings, and airs out some of his own personal opinions through Cole.